I use a variety of techniques to suit your body's specific needs. Circulatory, Lymphatic, and Swedish are standalone treatments and priced accordingly.  



Circulatory Massage - this calming yet invigorating technique adjusts and redirects poor circulation and reinforces proper circulatory flow. This special purpose massage is beneficial for many circulatory issues and also establishes a general well-being. Especially beneficial to those who prefer a light and meditative touch. 

  • 60-min session: $55

Lymphatic Drainage - this beneficial technique assists in maintaining the immune system by moving congested lymph through its intended flow in the body. Proper lymph flow helps to strengthen the body against immune system issues, allergy symptoms, arthritis, colds and other inflammatory conditions that stress the body's natural defense system.  The technique uses a very light, calming touch.

  • 60-min session: $55

Neuromuscular Technique - based on the work of Leon Chaitow, N.D., O.D., this  European technique relieves muscle tension, promotes structural integration, reduces mental and emotional stress response, and improves organ and glandular balance. The therapeutic touch is medium to deep.

Sports Massage - this deep-tissue technique is useful for conditioning, preparing and treating a strain or injury. Anyone can have a sports massage but it is especially supportive for clients who are in pursuit of physical fitness.

Swedish Massage - this stimulating touch awakens circulation, increases muscle flexibility, and fosters general balance in the structure and function of the muscular and skeletal systems. Touch can be modified to relax if you are overstimulated or invigorate if you are feeling sluggish. 

  • 60-min session: $60

  • 90-min session: $75

Trigger Point Therapy - soft tissue pressure points and reflex techniques are used to produce either localized or large-scale body effects by awakening specific spots and between muscle groupings. This touch is very deep and primarily used with other modalities as an add-on. 

Neuromuscular, range of motion, reflexology, relaxation, sports/deep tissue, strain/counterstrain and trigger point will be used as needed during your treatment.


Except for Circulatory, Lymphatic and Swedish (see above), in-home massage sessions are priced as:

  • ​60 min-session: $65

  • 90 min-session: $80

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